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In the world of table games, as well as slot machines, microgaming enjoys great notoriety. This company provides quality software that offers a wide range of games like the slot machine, to the best microgaming casinos on the market. To play the slot machine and have the chance to make money, do not hesitate to turn to this group.

It has a good reputation and therefore represents the first choice for a wide variety of casinos. New sites always need one thing to seduce and attract new people. They must convince them to choose their casino from an existing panoply on the market. Since MicroGaming offers a superior game game, it is not surprising that said sites choose it as a supplier for rapid development of their reputation!

MicroGaming, the E-gaming magnate: origin, objectives, prices and awards, etc.

Microgaming, a company created in 1994, is located on the island of Man. This island is a home conducive to creativity; A dream place to imagine new video games. Casino and poker game software publisher, the group is in the Sixty-Two (head office), a 5-storey building with a simple and unique design.

Over 40 poker rooms and 130 casinos use its services. In this area, he has become one of the leaders thanks to his complete and diverse offers. However, his personal signature is in the originality of the different themes he offers. This has earned him several awards and recognitions from the online games sector.

Microgaming is a pioneer in the realization of online casino software. In 1994, he had no difficulty embarking on the world of online games. To his credit, he has more than 600 downloadable games that work in an instant manner. Then in 2002, he obtained a consecration as the best provider of online casino games. This price was given to him by a large casino.

MicroGaming has its own online poker network created in 2003. In 2006, it launched into the supply of live games. The studio in which the transmissions are made is based in USA.

The jackpots offered by MicroGaming are recognized to make millionaire players. This group is one of the most impressive market providers on the market; Giving him a chance is one of the best decisions you can make.

Is microgaming reliable?

MicroGaming strives to maintain the notoriety that he has been able to build during all these years. The numerous collaborations with important online casinos have earned him the confidence of players as well as many operators. It maintains a secure, equitable and efficient game.

MicroGaming is the co-founder of the ECOGRA company (e-commerce and online game regulation and insurance). This organization is today a highly recognized control authority which benefits from respect for all actors in the game universe.

In 2014, Microgaming created Playtforward, dedicated to young athletes. It is for this reason that he offers university scholarships to students who deserve it. A year later, the company is entering the guiness record of records.

This company has one of the best game portfolios. The list of offers is very equipped and comes down to multiplayer games, poker games, live rump, casino games, sports betting, terrestrial casino games, etc.

Microgaming also offers slot machines. It offers a hundred with excellent qualities. If you want to win or bet gains, try the best known machines like Thundestruck 2 Immortal Romance, Mega Moolah, etc.

What are the most popular slot machines of microgaming?

There is a slight difference between old slot machine models and new models. The new versions of slot machines contain at least 240 traditional payment lines, while the old software had 10 to 15.

Indeed, MicroGaming has carried out extensive cycle slots. This means that the player must invest more money and time to have the winning combination. However, the amount to be won is higher, as well as volatility, which increases the chances of winning.

Today, slot machines are legion. Microgaming has created famous, popular and very profitable. If you want to expand your range of slot machines in your casino, here is the top of the most popular microgaming slot machines.

  • Mega Moolah Isis: The graphics are very simple. Even if this slot machine has no modern 3D effect, it appears in first place, because it is the "millionaire slot machine". The background music is solemn and quite dark. The standard bonus symbols have been replaced by the clairvoyant falcon and the powerful Isis. There are 25 payment lines and 5 rolls;
  • Immortal Romance: This game is one of the best online on the theme of vampires. Immortal Romance revolves around a love story of vampires. The game recalls the sagas of Vampire Diaries and Twilight. This popular slot machine under microgaming offers around 293 ways to have special features. One of the best characteristics of this game remains the bonus of the Tours Chamber. It is a 4 -level non -paid tours bonus, with characteristics that you unlock as the bonus tour is triggered;
  • Thunderstruck II Slot: This slot machine is inspired by Nordic mythology. The theme shows authentic symbols of gods, Asgard, Longboats Vikings, etc. You have 243 ways to win as well as a redistribution rate of 96.65 %. The Thor hammer represents a bonus symbol; This is the key to opening the large Tours room;
  • Mermaid’s Millions: It’s a 5 -roll -up slot machine. This microgaming game is one of the best microgaming slot machines. This majestic game is very popular; It is under the underwater theme. It has all the features of a video niche and offers free towers as well as a bonus tour;
  • Game of Thrones 243 Ways Slot: This slot machine used in the best online casinos is inspired by the famous successful television series. MicroGaming is a tribute to the great series. With this slot machine, you attract a lot of fans of the series. This version remains the best known of the slot machine, even if the game has two variants;
  • Bridesmaids Slot Machine: It is a brand niche that is one of the best microgaming slot machines. This is a game based on the famous Bridemaids film of 2011. Through the 40 payment lines and 5 coils, the stars of the film appear as stacked symbols. The key moments of the film are captured by well -designed special bonuses. This game has the central element the bonus of the wheel;

… etc.

For more than 20 years that MicroGaming has been on foot, large selections of slot machines have been offered to casinos. So you have more than 500 games that you can choose, whatever your tastes and preferences.

This company puts new slot machine games every month online. The selection is therefore widened over the years. Microgaming has established partnerships with independent game studios, thus expanding their selection of slot machines. So every month, the company puts online underestimated machines exclusively by independent studios. Here is a list of the best known microgaming games in 2021:

  • The gold arena, RTP 96.20 %;
  • Electric Avenue RTP 96.37 %;
  • Aigle Maya RTP 96,32 % ;
  • All win FC RTP 96.12 %;
  • Glory Immortelle RTP 96.19 %;
  • L’or d’Arthur RTP 96,19 % ;

Bonuses offered by microgaming for everyone's pleasure

Microgaming strengthens its games with attractive offers to attract many people. To do this, as a publisher, he favors packs or welcome bonuses. The latter are considered to be classics; They are available in many ways to increase gains.

However, some are after conditions of access. Other types of bonuses are also offered: free -deposit offers, spins, loyalty bonuses, etc. All of these advantages show how much the company builds the players.

In addition, each game offered by the publisher has details to put the players in a complete atmosphere: graphics, animation, playability, design, etc.

How to play on a microgaming casino?

To earn money thanks to the casino, it is better to opt for free microgaming slot machines, or use Casino MicroGaming software. The latter is available in more than ten languages including American. It allows online casinos to offer their players around 300 free games or money. You can have it in several versions; With download or without and in mobile version.

How to choose the best slot machines in online casinos?

The choice of a slot machine must be made according to specific criteria so that all chances are on your side. So before choosing your slot machine, ask yourself what to take into account.

Le Budget

The budget is a very important aspect in the choice of a slot machine. To this end, for each spin, certain slot machines claim a minimum bet as well as a maximum bet. If your budget is limited, try your luck with machines that offer small stakes by turn. The game will be able to last, as well as your pleasure.

The redistribution rate

This criterion is very important if you do not only play for fun. If you want to win more than anything, opt for slot machines which have a high rate of redistribution. This rate can vary depending on the machines; It is expressed in % and represents the average percentage offered by the casino to players. This rate is sometimes high for online game sites; It reaches up to 98 % in some casinos. However, you should know that the value of the redistribution rate in question is not indicated here, you will have to look for it.

Jackpots and bonuses

There are countless bonuses for players. These offers allow them to take charge, slot machines. Evaluate these various bonuses to put the odds on your side. Often these bonuses are only offered by a small category of slot machines. You must make sure you choose the one that will give you access to this option.

Besides the bonuses, you are entitled to jackpots. These are opportunities to multiply your earnings. So choose slot machines that offer interesting jackpots; You will benefit from the latter. There is no better slot machine than the others. Your choice must be based on your needs and desires of the moment.

Casino games live microgaming

Live casinos are more and more known thanks to the ultimate experiences that players have. When an online casino enjoying a perfect reputation offers an interesting set of casino games, players are necessarily interested in it. They appreciate in real time live games that are hosted by attractive and professional deales who exploit the game when said players start to play. Direct streaming technologies are used in the process and make the game more interesting.

Microgaming offers a variety of direct casino games such as live baccara, live poker, live roulette, blackjack, etc. Ultimately, if you want to have a complete experience with microgaming, do not hesitate, because this group represents "the cream of the cream".