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If you've already played casino a look like mystake, you are probably familiar with their mini-game called "chicken game" (Chicken of mystake in English).

Although this name may seem stupid at first, there is actually more than what we believe.

In this article, we will examine all the positive aspects of these fun games and the reasons why they are so popular among new players and experienced players. So don't wait any longer and discover our opinion on the game of Mystake Casino.

Chicken game: What is it?

This is a new type of mini-game that has gained popularity among players in recent years and which can now be found in many online casinos.

At first, the name may seem a little strange because it is a children's game, but this is not the case. These games are just as fun to play for experienced players as for newcomers, thanks to their simple mechanics and their interesting gameplay.

In short, chicken games are very close to mines games, but instead of avoiding mines, you have to return bells and collect the most chickens without falling on a bone.

Some players can find CHICKEN challenges of mystakes that are too simple and easy, while others can find them too difficult. However, whatever the difficulty you choose, you will always be rewarded when you succeed.

As we mentioned earlier, these games are very popular with new players because they are a fun way to approach the online casino with simplest rules than certain casino games such as slot machines or roulette, without having to risk real money.

In addition, experienced players also appreciate them because they can be used as a way to win more awards in order to play their favorite online casino games for free. In short, playing chicken games or other online mini games are really worth it!

If you want to know more about mystake chicken games, we invite you to visit their website

How to play the chicken chicken game?

The chicken game is played out as a game of deminous. With the exception that you should not avoid mines, but you should avoid bones and collect as much chicken as possible.

You have the possibility of making an early cash-out if you are satisfied with the earnings you have in this part.

In the chicken game, the chickens are placed randomly so you can play Chicken on the mystake casino for long periods without sending you.

How to make money on the chicken game?

As we mentioned earlier, the main objective of chicken games is to have fun and learn more about online casino games. However, you can also earn additional money by playing these mini-games.

There are many theories on YouTube and Tik Tok who claim to guarantee you to earn money at Chicken on Mystake, but it is unfortunately incorrect. Nevertheless, the chicken game has a rather favorable RTP (redistribution rate), and you can therefore have fun on this game without burning your bankroll.

The sum you can win at the chicken game depends on your bets and the number of chickens that you manage to reveal without turning bone.

We advise you not to be too greedy and to use the cash-out function as soon as you have doubled your bet.

In summary, there is no guaranteed method to earn money at the Chicken game in Mystake, but on the other hand you will be sure to have fun playing!

Why are these games called "mini games"?

The term "mini game" is used to describe any online casino game which can be played quickly and easily. The most popular online games of this type are JetX, Aviator, the mines game and of course the chicken game.

The name "mini game" (mini game in American) comes from the fact that these mini-games are generally very simple and easy to play. In most cases, they only ask you to click on objects or solve puzzles by finding hidden clues on the screen.

As we mentioned earlier, mini games are a great way to learn more about online casino games without having to learn complex rules. In addition, they are also very fun and can be a great way to win additional rewards by playing your favorite casino games

The graphic specificities of Chicken Mystake

The cartoons of cartoons and the joyful music create a light and fun atmosphere, perfect for occasional game sessions.

In the chicken game, you will find a fairly "cartoon" interface where you will have to lift bells and find the chickens, avoiding bones. If you want to play chicken game, you will absolutely have to have an account on the online casino Mystake.

If you are looking for a fun and stimulating chicken game, we strongly recommend that you try the mystake chicken game which is the reference of the genre.

Is the chicken game reliable?

One of the best things about chicken game is that it is very reliable. Unlike many other online casino games, mini-games do not require complex strategies or difficult bet systems to succeed.

Instead, you can just enjoy playing and exploring different challenges as often as possible. As long as you show a little patience and perseverance, you will soon have no trouble ending all the levels of the game!

So what are you waiting for? Register on mystake today and start exploring new exciting challenges in their fun and addictive chicken game!

Whether you are an experienced player or just looking for something new to try, the game of mystake chicken will entertain you with its light gameplay and its rapid action.

Games similar to Chicken Mystake

If you like Chicken game, you will have a lot of fun trying the other mini-games offered by Mystake or other online casinos. Among the most popular, we can cite JetX (exclusively on, but also Aviator, Plinko, Coins or the Mines Games which are available on the majority of American -speaking online casinos.

Mystake is for the moment the only casino to our knowledge offering a chicken game, but you will find alternatives to the chicken game on all the big casinos.

Is mystake reliable?

Mystake is one of the most reliable online casinos on the market. It offers a wide range of casino games from some of the biggest names in the industry, including Microgaming and Net. In addition, they also have excellent customer service that can help you solve any problem you may encounter by playing your favorite games.

So why wait? Register for mystakes today and start exploring new challenges in their fun and exciting chicken game!

If you are looking for a fun and quick game to entertain yourself at home or during your lunch break, then the game of mystake chicken (Chicken) is really worth a look! With a simple but stimulating gameplay, these mini-games are perfect for players of all levels and all ages.