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Use of personal data collected


When you leave a comment on our website, the data registered in the comment form, but also your IP address and the user agent of your browser are collected to help us to detect unwanted comments.


During visits to the site, the automatic installation of a cookie on the user's navigation software can occur.

If you put a comment on our site, you will be offered to save your name, messaging address and website in cookies. It is only for your comfort so as not to have to enter this information if you have another comment later. These cookies expire after a year.

Cookies correspond to small files temporarily placed on the user's computer hard drive. These cookies are necessary to ensure accessibility and navigation on the site. These files do not include personal information and cannot be used for the identification of a person.

The information present in cookies is used to improve navigation performance on the site.

By browsing the site, the user accepts cookies. Their deactivation can be carried out via the parameters of the navigation software.

User publication

The site allows members to publish comments.

In his publications, the member is required to respect the rules of law in force.

The site has the right to exercise a priori moderation on publications and can refuse their online posted without having to provide justification.

The member keeps all of his intellectual property rights. However, any publication on the Site implies the delegation of non -exclusive and free law to the editorial company to represent, reproduce, modify, adapt, distribute and disseminate publication anywhere and on any medium for the duration of intellectual property. This can be done directly or through an authorized third party. This concerns in particular the right to use the publication on the web and on mobile telephony networks.

With each use, the publisher undertakes to mention the name of the member near the publication.

The user is held responsible for any content he puts online. The User undertakes not to publish content likely to infringe the interests of third parties. All procedures initiated in justice by a third party injured against the site must be supported by the user.

Deleting or modification by the user's content site can be carried out at any time, for any reason and without notice.