Free Spins (free towers): the best casino bonus?

Welcome » Free Spins (free towers): the best casino bonus?

On online casinos, Bonus and promotions More and more are, including free spins (free towers). What is it about ? How to get it? What are the conditions to take into account to take advantage of it? We take stock!

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What is a Casino Free Spin?

A free spin (or in American free tower) is a gift offered to players by the online casino. Often, they are offered to new players registered on the platform in addition to the welcome bonus.

Unlike the bonuses that are expressed as a percentage or real money, the Free Spin allows the play to play for free casino games and try its luck at the rate of 10, 20 ... or 200 laps. In general, this bonus applies to slot and video poker machines. Note that there are also free bets (free Paris) on sports betting sites.

Free laps are often offered in exchange for a deposit on the online or graceful casino, from one operator to another.

When the towers are offered without obligation to deposit, they are called "free spins without deposit". In other words, the player receives the gift when registering, without having to deposit money. We also find free towers offered for the player's birthday, to reward his loyalty or VIP status, when he wins a special competition or a slots tournament, etc. Attention ! Free spins should not be confused and those that the player wins as part of a part of the slot.

In addition, you should know that there are variations around the names of the spin, according to the casino: Mega spin, super spin, etc.

How to get free spins on a casino?

In general, online casinos give free spins free to their most loyal players. They can also be found in the "Promotions & Bonus" section.

In general, here are the methods that allow free towers to an online casino:

  • Bonus d’inscription : Most casinos offer their new players free spins to allow them to discover the games and test them, even without having made a first deposit. This is the "free spin bonus without deposit".
  • Free Welcome Tours Bonus : Some online casinos offer their new players a bonus match, often embellished with a batch of free towers. Unlike the first bonus, the player must make a deposit to benefit from it. In general, the file registered defines the number of spins offered.
  • Other bonuses and promotions : In the "Promotions" section, the player could find a "happy hour", or other, to enjoy a free spins offer. It is possible to benefit from it by downloading the application or using a precise payment method.
  • Slots tournaments : Often, operators organize tournaments and reward winners with free towers.
  • New games : When the casino releases a new game, it could offer players free towers to test it and ensure its launch.
  • Recovery of the player : When the player does not play online for a while, the online casino sends him an email to restart it. Often, the operator encourages him to return to the site by offering him free spins.

Note that some casinos offer their players free laps in a daily or weekly way.

Free Spins conditions

To benefit from a batch of free towers, the player must respect the terms and conditions. Nevertheless, you should know that we benefit from some without deposit platforms, just with registration.

But to withdraw the gains, the platform often requires making a deposit or making a certain number of bets. According to the casino, the requirement of stake can range from 20x to 50x the amount of the bonus offered. Note that certain platforms offer this bonus without imposing any conditions of bet. In this case, players can withdraw their gains without any concern.

To summarize, the main conditions related to free towers are:

  • Le wagernig : This is the number of bets required to be able to withdraw the gains.
  • Gains withdrawal limits : Some free laps have a maximum ceiling of earnings, between 100 and 5000 euros.
  • The allocation : Free laps can only be claimed once by the player.
  • The validity period : The bonus has a limited lifespan. Thus, the player must pay attention to the validity time once the spins is obtained.
  • The amount of the : The amount to be bet can also be limited with this bonus.
  • Games : The casino can offer free spins on a lower or several machine, or in the catalog of a very special editor.

The best free tour is the one that the casino offers without any condition.

Maximize gains thanks to free towers

When the player receives free tricks when he registers on the online casino, he leaves with a very precious advantage. Free spins allow you to play longer and discover certain games.

In addition, it is advisable to opt for progressive slots to get more likely to win the slot machines, choose the smallest jackpots, play strong bets, etc.

In short, free towers allow the player to:

  • Maximize your chances of winning by playing additional towers offered;
  • Discover the features of a game without any pressure;
  • Extend the game time;
  • Test the casino interface to see if it corresponds to its profile and expectations;
  • Etc.

Here, Free Spins are a precious advantage over an online casino and an ideal opportunity for entertainment on the platform without worrying about its wallet.