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Winning at the casino does not require any particular skills. Indeed, the results are quite random and luck can smile when you least expect it. You just have to believe. However, there are a few tips to take into account if you want to put the odds on your side.

Do you know, for example, that there are games where we win the casino the most? There are many other things you should know, if you plan to improve your earnings. This article intends to reveal certain strategies and tricks to get out of the game.

What are the games where we win the casino the most?

Not all games are created equal. To increase your chances of gain, there are a few games that display a high gain rate. You should probably devote more time to them. We can cite among others:

Slot machines

The rate of redistribution of slot machines varies depending on two essential factors: the type of game and the fact that the slot machine is online or not. In the first case, "the good bandit penguin" is one of the most profitable games.

These different physical casinos have approximately 85% redistribution rate (RTP). In the second case with regard to online casinos, we are talking about a rate between 95 and 97% of RTP.

In addition, it would be necessary to pay great attention to game publishers like Betsoft (Sugar Pop), QuickSpin (Joker Strike) and Net (Guns N Roses). The return rates noted on their products are generally higher than other competitors.


It is the best known casino game and one of those who offer the greatest return rates. However, you should know that your gain will depend on your bet. With roulette, you have almost 50% chance of winning. As for the European version, the roulette displays an RTP of 97.28% against 92.74% for the American model.

The video poker

Its operating mode does not differ from that of slot machines. But the difference is in the fact that the video poker has a higher RTP rate than that of the shift machines. It is increasingly practiced online.

We distinguish among others:

  • Le Blackjack
  • Les Craps
  • The Baccara

How to easily win the casino?

There is not a magic recipe to easily make money in the casino. As much as you know right away. However, by observing the following three rules, you will experience real pleasure in playing while increasing your earnings.

It would be necessary beforehand choosing the machines with a small jackpot. In addition, the player must also favor machines with a return rate of at least 95%. In addition, experience has shown that progressive machines are also an excellent solution.

How to increase your chances of gaining slot machines?

Win to slot machines requires some strategies. This involves knowledge of the return rate of the machines concerned. This information is not always made available to all players.

You should also know you by raising your own limits. Otherwise, it will be almost impossible to boost your percentage of gain, if you do not set yourself for example a loss limit not to be crossed. This will allow you to limit the breakage during unsuccessful parts. You will do the same if you reach your gain ceiling, at the risk of putting everything back into play.

In addition, there is no point in making money and reinvesting it consecutively to the casino. This is why it is advisable to determine fixed capital. Still called "Bankroll", it designates the sum exclusively dedicated to the casino.

In addition, depending on the regularity and your game bets, it is possible to become a member of the Casino club. You can thus benefit from silver bonuses which will allow you to rebuild you financially. Hence the importance of opting for casinos that offer the best advantages in this area.

How to choose the right slot machine with casino?

Chance is at the heart of the games offered by casinos and more particularly slot machines. However, it should be noted that not all machines are similar, both with regard to themes, soundtracks and other features.

To this is added the fact that they do not have the same rate of return to the player (RTP). And that's why a machine will be better compared to another.

It is not said that this information will always be displayed on the support of the machine in question. If this is not the case, it is possible to initiate research on the casino site. You will find information relating to RTP in the settings or the "Help" section of the slot machine.

It will also be necessary to determine the volatility of the slot machines. This is a very important criterion in the choice of the machine in question. In the language of poker, it is often called variance. It’s just the risk level linked to any game.

This volatility is generally distributed in terms of niche. The more the niche has low volatility, the more regular the gains, even if it will necessarily influence their consistency. As for high volatility slots, it must be recognized that they are quite rare. However, the amounts to be won are quite high. That’s why it’s sometimes enough to wait just in little more, to get the jackpot.

Generally, information relating to the volatility rate is not made public. However, your game experiences will allow you to precisely determine the nature of the volatility of the machine, depending on the description that we suggested earlier.

In addition, it is advisable to choose certain categories of machines such as:

  • Machines with the smallest jackpots
  • Machines with a fixed jackpot or a progressive jackpot

Machines with a fixed jackpot are these kinds of machines that are still called "flat-top". They have a maximum gain. As for machines with progressive jackpots, they share an identical operating mode with each other. The amount of the jackpot is invariable. Suddenly, the more people play and more the gain will be high.

  • Machines located in a location well exposed to the public

They are the ones who pay most often

  • Machines having more payment lines

What are the chances of winning at the casino?

The probabilities of winning at the casino vary depending on the machine concerned. Whatever your ways of playing, these probabilities do not tend to increase or decrease.

As for the jackpot, the probability of winning it also depends on the machine or the game concerned. It is sometimes lower than a chance in 17,000,0000s, just as if it was a question of winning at Lotto 6/49.

The slot machines are generally provided with an electronic chip. This makes it possible to determine in advance, the limit of the sums likely to be donated to the player, throughout his life cycle.

It is also important to know that the Casino operates before determining the percentage of payment. This is often the subject of regulation on the part of the Ontario alcohol and games Commission (CAJO).

How do you know if a slot machine will pay?

The probability that a drop -down machine at a given time depends strongly on several factors. This is called hot machines.

Regarding online casinos, there are some indicators. These casinos generally make a listing on their home page, of all the machines that have recently given rise to a payment, whatever the price. It is also possible that these casinos indicate squarely on their interface, hot or cold machines.

To find out if a slot machine will pay, you must also refer to the redistribution rate. This will determine the frequency of gains and their consistency. It would also be necessary to rely on his experiences or on an observation of the current situation. If you notice that a machine has really not paid for a long time, that means that its payment round is more or less close.

How to play with a slot machine?

It is quite easy to play with a slot machine. After introducing a few parts into the machine, you will only have to validate the game by activating the arm of the Manchot bandit or pressing the "throw" key.

There are indeed two types of slot machines:

  • Mechanical roller machines
  • Video roller machines

In this last category, the rollers are virtual. Anyway, the operating mode is the same and can be grouped in two stages.

The first part is the player to buy the pieces in question, from the tobacconist or the cashier. These parts are also called, "denominations".

Secondly, you will have to choose your machine. The information on the machine is likely to find out about potential gains depending on the combinations. It is not uncommon to also note that the video rolls have a touch screen that displays the winning combinations.

When you win, to remove your earnings, simply press the "cash credit" option. If you want to stop the game, you will only have to exchange these tokens at the tobacconist or the cashier.

How to earn money on online casinos?

The Online casino has many advantages, compared to a terrestrial casino. You don't need to travel for playing. Better, the platform is quite ergonomic. But these advantages could however serve you, if you do not learn to set limits.

Manage your bankroll

Above all, it will be necessary to determine your bankroll and not exceed your usual game frequencies. Indeed, it is not always said that you will make big gains at the end of the month. Like any game, there will be deficits in your budget. It's up to you to know how to take the blows to bounce better.

Find the right slot machine

The prerequisite is to start with the slot machines, free for a start. This is called demo. This is how it will be easier to master the conditions of bet, special offers, Jacpot, payment table etc. After that, you can subsequently go into real silver mode.

The ideal is to find the machines that offer good volatility/ redistribution rate ratio. This will determine the amount likely to be won.

In addition, to ensure a regular gain, it is best to opt for games with fairly low jackpots. This possibility is therefore a serious option for those who are not obsessed with the idea of winning Gros. Even if the large progressive jackpots are attractive, it must be recognized that your chance to win them is quite limited.

You may not know it, but bonuses are very important in the probability of increasing your gain, especially when it comes to modern online slot machines. Do not forget to use these different bonuses which are generally offered according to your bet. We can cite among these:

Very lucrative welcome bonuses

The idea is to attract newcomers.

Free towers bonuses

They are triggered during the games. With these bonuses, you can activate the rollers again, and this without spending anything.

Silver feedback bonuses

Generally subject to any bet, this bonus allows you to compensate for your losses relatively.


Can we win the online casino?

Sure ! Online casinos that have a license are regularly audited to ensure that they pay players. We advise you to try one of the recommended casinos on this page.

What game to win at the casino?

It all depends on your player profile, we personally love high volatility games like the Book of Ra or Dead or Alive by Net.

What are the chance to win at the casino?

It depends on each game. You will be more likely to win on table games (like roulette, or baccara) because RTP (Return to Player) is higher. Look at the RTP of each game in order to know your probabilities of earnings.