What mathematical method to win at Keno?

Welcome » What mathematical method to win at Keno?

Win at Keno is not an easy thing! To put the odds on your side, there are a few tips to take into account. Interested? You hit the right address!

In terms of this guide, we tried to tell you what Mathematical method to win at Keno (almost) for sure. To find out more, read this article to the end!

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Win at Keno: the basic rules

You should know that the "Keno" is a game that was born in China. Besides, this word has an Asian consonance.

The principle of the game is quite similar to the lottery game. To play, the player must choose 2 to 10 numbers in 1 and 70. The more numbers he chooses, the more the gains become important, but difficult to pick up.

If the numbers that the player has chosen are drawn, then it affects a reward depending on the number of good numbers selected.

As a reminder, Keno gains are fixed. This is one of the points that attract players. In other words, gains are known in advance.

Pour Win at Keno, there are important basic rules not to be missed. As a reminder, the game is based on an bet system and a number of check numbers. The players' gains are calculated according to the number of good numbers each time.

To play Keno, players must:

  • Fill a grid by checking 2 to 10 numbers by the 70 available.
  • Make a bet between 0.10 euros and 10 euros. For the American games, the minimum bet is 1 euro.
  • Choose, or not, to use the multiplier option, to multiply the gains. In this case, the sum of the ticket will be more expensive.
  • 20 numbers are fired and the gains depend on the number of numbers similar to those checked. The more the player finds numbers, the higher the gains.

To play online, it is essential to register on an online casino, validate the account and make a first deposit. Note that some online casinos allow players to make a simulation to discover the world of Keno and familiarize themselves with this game. The demo version allows players to learn the basics of this game and is more and more recommended for Beginners.

As a reminder, Keno gains depend on several criteria:

  • The number of cuckold numbers;
  • The number of correct numbers out of the 20 drawn;
  • The player put;
  • The choice (or not) of the multiplier;

Keno's specific options

On online casinos (and the FDJ too), several options are offered to Keno players to allow them to maximize their earnings:

  • Replay a grid several times : This is an option found in several online casinos. It allows players to pay in advance so that the grid is filled the first time will be taken into account for all the prints of the week. Thus, the player is not likely to miss a winning draw.
  • The multiplier option : As its name suggests, it is an option that allows multiplying their earnings. To benefit from it, they must check this option during the bet. Note that this option increases the bet.
  • L’option flash : Launched by the FDJ, this feature allows the player to fill his grid instantly and random.

The best mathematical method to win at Keno

So what is the best Mathematical method to win at Keno ? How to do the right calculations to find the right numbers and optimize your chances of earnings? We take stock!

Like any other game of chance, Keno is based on mathematical probabilities. Indeed, when a player puts a bet on this game, he pays according to the number of numbers he checks. In addition, the more numbers he has checked numbers, the less the amount to pay will be substantial (apart from if he all falls, of course).

Note that players who check less numbers increase their chances of winning. Contrary to popular belief, players who check every 20 numbers decrease their chances of winning. Checking the 20 numbers does not allow, in any case, to cover all the possibilities.

According to the calculations made by the experts, the players who check between 4 and 8 numbers could generate gains. Comeration?

  • By checking 8 numbers, the player must obtain 4 winning numbers to hope for any gain.
  • By checking less than 4 numbers, it is statistically less likely than the numbers come out during the draw.

When all the checked numbers come out in the draw, the player wins the jackpot. But statistically speaking, it is rare to make a bet with all the right numbers.

To be sure that the chosen numbers would be drawn, it is strongly recommended to calculate the probabilities that each number comes out. For the bet, it is also advisable not to exceed 10 euros, unless you have the means.

How to win at Keno with 2 numbers?

According to professionals who have already done the calculations, players who only check 2 numbers could earn most often.

According to the FDJ, players who hide 2 numbers have a chance to win by 1 out of 13. When you know that Keno is made up of 70 numbers, you should know that this probability is relatively high.

With 70 numbers, there is:

  • 70 x 69/2 = 2,415 different combinations at 2 numbers

On a draw comprising 20 numbers, there is:

  • 20 x 19/2 = 190 different combinations

The chance to have a good combination is:

  • 1/ (2 415 / 190) = 1/12.17

The mathematical probability is therefore 1/12.7.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not by betting the same 2 numbers for 13 prints that we can Win to Keno for sure. This reasoning is quite common among players, when it is a big mistake.

Some tips for winning at Keno

According to players who play quite often, it is advisable to choose figures that often appear in the prints. Admittedly, this is a question of luck, but this technique could sometimes be useful.

There are other tips to adopt:

  • Find the numbers : Instead of choosing 10 numbers out of 20, it is preferable to opt for only 4 to 8 numbers.
  • Alignment technique : In games of chance, repetition is an increasingly recommended method. The idea is to show a number having all the same units.

Example: 4 - 14 - 24 - 34 - 44 - 54 - 64

  • Choosing a final : This method consists in revealing a winning final in each draw.
  • Optimization of combinations : It is advisable to put 3 numbers with at least 2 non -identical finals. It is also possible to choose between a combination of 2 numbers or a 3 number combination which can go up to 14 prints.
  • The use of a system : For the number of prints, the player can make a combination of 2 numbers, but this time at 5 grids. Thus, the probabilities of gain are 87 %. It is also possible to use a combination of 2 by changing the number of prints where the chance to win will increase in parallel. The choice belongs to him: 5, 10 or 14 prints.
  • Cold numbers : This method consists in choosing the numbers very few times released in the prints. To do this, you can consult the list of numbers on the FDJ website.

Do not forget the multiplier!

To optimize his earnings, the player can also opt for the "multiplier" option.

As its name suggests, it is a functionality that doubles the price of the bet. In other words, when the player plays a ticket at 3 euros, the multiplier costs 3 additional euros.

If the chosen numbers are good, the gains will therefore be multiplied by the "multiplier" released in the draw: X2, X3 or X5.

Here is an example that clarifies things:

When a player checks 10 numbers on the grid, puts a 1 euro bet and check the "multiplier" option, the bet will cost him 2 euros.

If the 10 numbers are good, the gains will be 10,000 euros per year and for life or 200,000 euros in one time.

If ever the X5 multiplier number is drawn, the gains will therefore be multiplied by 5, or 50,000 euros per year and for life or 1 million euros in one time.

Keno winning for life: how to win?

The Keno winning for life is a version offered by La Française des Games. Players can play online or at a tobacconist. It is a variant that allows them to earn money in the long term, hence its name.

So how to do to Win to Keno winning for life ? According to the game professionals, it is necessary:

  • Check 9 numbers: if they are all good, the player can earn 100,000 euros every year and for life, or 2 million euros in one time.
  • Check 10 numbers: if they are all good, the player earns 500,000 euros every year and for life, or 10 million euros in one time. Note that it is essential to activate the multiplier coefficient.

As we have specified above, this Methode Keno Allows players to make money in the long term.


How to win in Keno every time?

You should know that there is not a magic wand to win at Keno every time. It’s a game that is largely based on chance. That said, it is always possible to set up strategies to put the odds on your side and draw the right numbers.

How many draws take place every day?

La Française des Games offers players two prints a day, the first for lunch and the second in the evening, every day of the week. For online casinos, the number of prints depends on the slots that the player chooses. For Keno 3D, you should know that the prints are individual. Thus, players can have continuous prints. For Casino Live slots, it all depends on the operator or the publisher.

What are the variants of Keno on online casinos?

Publishers are constantly innovating to please players, and especially in Keno fans. On online casinos, there are therefore several variants of this game. There is no shortage of choice.

What is the redistribution rate?

According to information shared by the media, the rate of redistribution for Keno in FDJ is 65.5 %. In other words, this is the rate of bets to players.


Finally, we recall that Keno is an increasingly appreciated game by fans of online casinos. Why ? Because it is easy to play and could allow them to earn big sums of money.

Note that there is no method allowing you to Win to Keno for sure And every time. If you are looking for the magic recipe to find the right numbers every time, know that you are looking for noon at 2 p.m. However, there are a few tips and strategies to set up to put the odds on your side.