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The Baccara is among the games most appreciated by players, especially on online casinos. Playing online baccara is not an easy thing. Before doing the first bet, you have to understand the basics and rules of the game. To find out more, read this article to the end!

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Le Baccara, a simple and prestigious casino game

Contrary to popular belief, Baccara is a simple casino game. To put it simply, it is played around a table with cards. The dealer uses two game mats to take the bets. If a player accumulates a sum of 9 using the cards in his hand, he is declared a winner.

In short, the online baccara is made up of game carpets, one for the dealer (the bank) and the other for the players, without forgetting the card games.

The dealer distributes the cards and each player must accumulate a total of 9 points. To discover this game, know that there are casinos allowing you to test it in "demo" mode. Thus, you can discover its bases and understand its operation. Anyway, know that the game is easy to understand.

How to play online baccara ?

Playing online baccara is child's play. Before starting the game, activate Adobe Flash Player on your mobile browser. Join the casino of your choice and choose the variant that you like the most.

In general, the game interface is easy to understand and manipulate. In addition, operators clearly explain the rules of the game to players. It is strongly recommended to read them before placing the first bet.

The course of a game is very simple. To start, the player places his bets and presss the "deal" button. Note that he has three types of bets:

  • Put on the player
  • Build on the banker
  • Bet on equality

The dealer distributes two cards to the players. The winner is the one who obtains a total sum close to 9.

The rules of Baccara game on line

The most important rules of the online baccara game are:

  • The aces have 1
  • From 10 to king: the nominal value is 0
  • From 2 to 9: the same nominal value
  • If the sum exceeds 9, the first figure is eliminated and the second becomes the current value of the hand. Example: 5+7 = 13. We remove the 1 and the value of the hand becomes 3
  • If the amount is at least 5, the player obtains a third card
  • The natural rule: if the first two cards are 8 or 9, the third draw will not take place.

To not forget anything, read the rules available on the online casino!

The tips for playing online baccara?

Admittedly, Baccara is a game of chance, but players can follow certain tips to put the odds on their side.

First, you need to place your bets correctly. The three available bets do not have the same probabilities.

Equality bets are to be avoided. It is advisable to place bets on the banker or on the player.

If you are beginners, place small amounts to discover the basics of the game. It is also possible to train on the free baccara.

Remember that the Baccara remains a game of chance to have fun and have fun. Admittedly, you can earn money, but it can never be a way to make money in the long term.

Do not hesitate to read the advice of specialists on forums and specialized sites!

Choose the right Baccara Casino

To play online baccara, it is important to register on a good casino. To be sure to make the right choice, certain criteria must be taken into account.

It is advisable to choose a platform offering an enticing welcome bonus, as well as regular promotions at the dawn of major events.

Customer support is a very important point not to be overlooked. The operator must provide you with a team available at any time to provide you with all the requested information and answer all your questions.

If you are a beginner, opt for an online casino allowing you to discover games in “demo” mode, especially the baccara. Thus, you can understand the basics of the game before making stakes with real money.


Where can I play Baccara online?

All casinos (almost) allow their players to play online baccara, in several variants. We have tested the best platforms and you highly recommend them.

Can I play Baccara on my phone?

The answer is affirmative. Players can use their smartphone or tablet to play Baccara. The operators provide them with an optimized site for mobile devices, or even a dedicated application.

Are the ratings of Baccara important?

For the banker, the probability of gain is 45.86%. It is 44.62% for players. That of equality is 9.52%.


Baccara is among the best known games on online casinos. Millions of players around the world are interested. It’s an easy -to -understand game of chance. To play, just master a few rules, and voila.

Before playing online baccara, it is essential to choose a good online casino. For this, several criteria are to be considered. Note that some operators allow you to discover the game in “demo” mode, without forgetting the different bonuses available.

Before placing your first bets, do not forget to set up a bankroll so as not to exceed the budget planned for online games of chance.