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In recent years, casinos online continues to gain popularity in the four corners of the world, going beyond terrestrial casinos. On this type of platform, the Live games arouse an outstanding craze. Casinos A live are multiplying and the players are more and more likely to appreciate this type of game.

Before playing on a live casino, there are some very important points to take into account. We take stock.

The history of the live casino

The story of Casino in Direct dates back to the end of the 20th century. It was on the Asian continent that the first milestones of this type of game were laid.

After Asia, the live games imported themselves into the United States, then in USA and Costa Rica. Afterwards, this new technology has become present in the big casinos, and this in the four corners of the globe.

In Europe, live casinos experienced their first experiments in the United Kingdom, Latvia, Malta and Bulgaria. Today we find them everywhere.

A live casino, quésaco?

The Live games On online casinos are a huge success. Why ? Because they allow players to play at any time and any place. In addition, the gaming experience appeals to everyone, especially when you register on an self -respecting operator.

Today, operators set up everything to offer players an experience close to land casinos. As in a casino hall, the player can play in a Casino a Live, sitting sitting on his sofa.

In a live casino, the operator uses a live deck To manage actions, as if it is a real casino. In other words, the games are played live, with the only difference that none of the players is in the same place.

To play on casinos in live, it is strongly advised to have an internet connection with a correct flow. Note that most operators allow their players to play via their computer, smartphone or tablet. Besides, some self -respecting operators offer them a mobile application to install on their devices.

As a reminder, some games are not available in live casino such as slot machines. Fortunately, it is possible to play roulette, blackjack ... and baccarat.

And the icing on the cake, the live casino allows you to chat with other players or even with the dealer. What could be better ?

Is it safe to play on a live casino?

When we talk about online games, people are often suspicious, especially if they have heard of a lively corrupt casino.

To tell the truth, there have already been cases where the publisher has manipulated the games in favor of the casinos. Fortunately, this kind of scams are quickly discovered and share on forums and social networks. However, it is always advisable to be careful.

On a self -respecting live casino, there are always strict rules to be respected and live croupiers have no influence on the game.

To choose a live casino, let's discover together the most important criteria not to be missed.

Live casino games

Book games offered by casinos are exclusively table games: roulette, blackjack en live, poker, baccarat, craps et sic-bo.

Online roulette

Without hesitation, the Online roulette is one of the most popular table games on casinos with rump.

To play on the roulette, the player must simply choose a color or one or more numbers. Note that there are different variants:

  • American roulette;
  • European roulette;
  • American roulette;

The latest version of the roulette is characterized by the presence of an additional box with the number 00.

Online blackjack

It is a card game that requires specific skills. To start the game, the dealer distributes two cards to each player, as well as to himself. During a round, one of the two cup cards will be visible (the open card) and the second remains invisible (the closed card). If the dealer has a blackjack, the players lose, except in the event of insurance. But if one of the players has a hand of a value greater than that of the dealer, he wins the Channel.

If the player has a 21 -point hand and the dealer has the same thing, it is a "push" (equality). Thus, there will be no gains or losses.

Online poker

Without a doubt, poker is the king of table games. To play, the player must find the best combination between the distribution of cards and the auctions. To get there, he must set up a multitude of strategies.

Among the best known variants of poker, we cite:

  • Le Caribbean Stud Poker ;
  • Le poker good Gow;
  • Le Draws hi-lo;

Online baccara

The Baccara is a card game where players are divided into two tables. They can bet on "pundits" (players) or on the bank, or both at a time.

Online craps

It’s a game of chance that uses two six -sided dice and four deales. The goal of the game is to bet on the results of each dice throw. Note that the CRAPS implies at least two players.

The online sic-bo

The sic-bo is a game from China. It’s a dice game, just like craps, except that here are three dice that are used. It is played on a single dice throw and bets are made on a multitude of combinations.

Besides the games we have just mentioned above, there are other games to cite such as the Spin A Win, 3 Card Vartard and the Live Monopoly.

How to choose the right live casino?

The choice of a live casino is not a easy thing! To avoid any unpleasant surprises, there are certain important criteria to take into account. We take stock!

The reliability of technologies and the sincerity of the parties

A few years ago, players are wary of live casinos and are worried about the fairness of the games and the operator's malice. The players said, for example, that live roulette is rigged and that live is not really broadcast live.

Today, players no longer have to worry. Why ? Because the services offered by online casinos are checked and operators exercise with licenses granted by known and recognized organizations. Besides, the games of the publisher Evolution Gaming are ISO certified.

To be sure to play on a reliable casino, take a look at our website. We are publishing many tests and comparisons to help you choose the best operator.

Technology characteristics

On a live casino, each player has their own preferences. If some prefer to play in absolute silence, others appreciate the sound effects and musical funds. In short, each player must feel comfortable playing live games.

Thus, the quality of visual comfort is an important criterion to consider, without forgetting the brightness, the design of the games, the humor of the croupières, etc. These are important points not to be missed!

The reputation of the casino

In addition to the elements mentioned above, it is important to find out well to register on a casino known for its reputation in the field.

On our website, we have tested dozens of online casinos. Take a look at our platform, read our tests and choose the operator most suited to your requirements.

Also take a look at specialized forums and social networks to read the opinions posted by players. They will be very useful to you.

Transactions safety

A reliable casino is an operator who offers players a reliable platform and guarantees secure transactions. In addition, he must provide them with a multitude of payment methods to allow them to make deposits and/or withdraw earnings.

A good live casino also offers its players good customer support to answer their questions as soon as possible, and, whatever the means used (telephone, e-mail, live cat, etc.).

The bonuses offered are another point to consider. The self -respecting online casinos often offer players an enticing welcome bonus and promotions every week.

Advice to play on a live casino

To join game tables, it is essential to have a good internet connection with a speed at the height.

It is also important to define a game budget. When playing live roulette, players can easily get carried away by enthusiasm and lose everything. What to do ? You just have to determine a game budget not to be exceeded. In the same direction, you must set a limit of earnings. In other words, you must define an amount after which you have to stop playing, even if you multiply the gains.

Before betting on blackjack, baccarat live or roulette, it is crucial to understand the rules of the game. For this, just do some research on the web or watch the tutorials available on Youtube. Note that some casinos even offer online players to discover games in demo version. In addition, some operators offer welcome bonuses without deposit condition, which allows players to discover games with rump.

Whether you are a fan of live roulette, monopoly live or online roulette, professionals always advise to have a good game strategy in advance. So you can optimize your chances of earnings and anticipate the next strokes. Note that most casino games are largely based on luck.

Recall that the game tables bring together several players, without forgetting the dealer who takes care of the animation. This is why it is important to know well and respect the casino label with croupiers, as you would in terrestrial casinos.

Do not join live tables only if you are ready to play immediately and with respect for the players and the dealer.

And finally, don't forget to frame your playing time. Depending on the profession of professionals, it is advisable to devote one or two hours to the live tables, then do something else.


Where can I play live casino?

Today, live games are on (almost) all online casinos. To find a serious operator, you can refer to our casino list. You will undoubtedly find your happiness.

What are the best live game publishers?

Among the best live game publishers, we quote Amaya, Media Live, Microgaming, Playtech, Evolution Gaming, Lucky Streak, etc. In general, the self -respecting casinos use the most famous publishers to offer their players online the best games.

Where and when to play on a live casino?

On a live casino, players can play at any time of the day, day and night. Just have an internet connection, a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. Thus, he can play roulette, blackjack ... or Baccarat in the cafe, in the doctor's waiting room, at home, etc.

Can we interact with live croupiers?

Yes, it is possible to chat with a live dealer. Besides, this is one of the advantages of Live Casinos. Thanks to the live cat, it is possible to chat with him and with all the other players.