Keno gains: winning table to win

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Keno is among the most famous lottery games. The possibilities of earnings are enormous, hence its success. Besides, the game is on most online casinos. To play Keno, there are several points to understand. We take stock!

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Finding a casino where playing Keno is not an easy thing. On the canvas, the platforms are more and more numerous, and it is the same for scams.

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, opt for a reliable, secure casino, which has a license issued by a recognized establishment.

To be sure to play Keno on a reliable casino, choose one of the casinos cited on this page.

How to calculate your Keno earnings?

Each online casino has a grid to follow to calculate the Keno gains. To give you a clear idea, we will try to explain the rules most used by most platforms.

To tell the truth, it is difficult to understand how the gains of Keno are calculated. To get there, it is important to know how to read the winning picture well. So it is easy to optimize gains.

In short, the calculation of the gains is based on a combination between the number of cuckold numbers and the number of numbers drawn.

Imagine the ideal scenario! If the player checks 20 numbers and they are all drawn, he receives a mega jackpot.

For the FDJ, it is possible to check 10 numbers on the table. If the choices are winners, he receives 100,000 euros per year, for life. Keno gains are incredible!

How to play Keno winning for life?

First of all, it is important to differentiate between Keno proposed by physical and online casinos and that of the FDJ. The rules of each version of the game are different.

Twice a day, the FDJ makes a draw called "Keno winning for life". In USA, players are very interested in it. It is the most appreciated game of the American, after Euromillions and the lottery.

To attract more players, the FDJ has set an enticing jackpot: 100,000 euros per year. The winner touches the sum for life. It can also opt for another option: take 2 million euros in cash. He can also choose a multiplier. Thus, the gains are multiplied by 10. In other words, the sum to be won will be 1 million euros per year, for life.

To win, here are the rules to take into account:

  • Check between 2 and 10 numbers, knowing that the grid has 70
  • Make a sum between 1 and 10 euros
  • Choose the multiplier to multiply the gains by 10
  • To win, the 10 checked numbers must be fired

How many numbers play to win?

To play Keno, the player is not obliged to check the 10 numbers. Just check 2 numbers. But the more numbers, the more the Keno gain grid increases.

To win at Keno, it is advisable to check as many numbers as possible.

Example :

If we take the example of a player who puts 1 euro and checking 5 numbers in the lottery, he can earn 10 euros if 4 of the cochered numbers are winners.

If he ever plays 2 euros by checking 7 numbers, and 4 numbers are winners, he earns 4 euros.

Why ?

The answer is simple: Keno gains depend on the number of winning and checked numbers. To earn more, it is best to always check the 10 numbers.

Remember that Keno is a game of chance. To avoid all unpleasant surprises, it is advisable to plan a bankroll and manage it well so as not to lose everything. In addition, it is important to opt for the right strategy.

Note that the percentage of gains in Keno and lower than that of the lotto. But if luck is on your side, the sums to pocket are much more important.

Understand Keno's earnings: the points not to be missed

The rules of the game vary from one casino to another. In addition, there are certain variants of the game and each platform sets up its own Keno gain grid. In general, the gains are displayed on the site and everyone can consult them online. Thus, the player can compare the gains and opt for the most generous platform.

Depending on the bets, the gain grid changes in real time. Other elements come into consideration, including multipliers and the number of hidden numbers.

To discover this game, it is best to register on a casino where it is possible to play in "demo mode". Thus, it is possible to play the lottery for free, test strategies, understand the system of gains in Keno, etc.

Besides, it is advisable to test the game before making a real money. So you can understand its operation before you get started. Do not forget to choose a casino known for its seriousness and reliability. For this, there are several criteria to take into account, including the bonuses offered, the means of payment available, the availability of a mobile application, the security of payments, etc.

Finally, note that Keno is a known game in Asian countries, and especially in China. In Europe, its notoriety continues to increase. Several European players play there, notably in USA.

To test this, go to an online casino offering a "demo mode". So you can discover Keno and test strategies.